Tibion's Exoskeleton: Video Demonstration

This is a video demonstration of a journalist testing a leg exoskeleton. Unlike Hal, Rewalk, Rex and eLegs, this type of exoskeleton is not meant to be used permanently, but rather as a training device to be used in rehab centers and help people with strokes to improve their ability to walk.

You can read the article that the journalist shown in the video wrote for xconomy.

As I watch this video, I am reminded of the mobile telephones of the 1990's which were so big you had to carry them around in a huge case. If you forgot what that looked like, watch this Radio Shack Commercial

Just a decade ago, mobile phones were huge and clunky, but seemed very futuristic. Today, this seems almost laughable.

Similarly in just a decade ago, the large, clunky, noisy exoskeletons of today will be obsolete. Exoskeletons will be small enough to wear under loose fitting clothing.

More information about exoskeletons for wheelchair users can be found on the Exoskeleton website.