Wales Millennium Centre: A Shining Example Of Accessibility For Wheelchair Users and All People With Disabilities

If you are a wheelchair user or if you have any disability and you will be in Wales in the UK, visit the Wales Millennium Centre. You will be amazed by the accessibility offered by the Wales Millennium Centre.

The Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay is probably the most ambitious Performing Arts Centre project since the Sydney Opera House was constructed.

A friend of mine, Trevor Palmer, was involved with Disability Access at the Wales Millennium Centre from an early stage. In January 2004 Trevor was contracted to establish and run their Disability Advisory Group during the final year of construction and fitting out.

Trevor's aim was to make the Wales Millennium Centre the most accessible performing arts centre in the world for disabled people to visit, work and perform in.

The Disability Advisory Group was made up by members of sensory and physical disability organisations and commissioned the services of specialists to deal with specific areas.

Watch this video of Trevor giving a guided tour of the Wales Millennium Centre. Imagine the detail and planning that has gone into creating this. Seems like no expense was spared to make the Wales Millennium Centre accessible to everyone:

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