Hal Exoskeleton Helps Quadriplegic Wheelchair Users To Walk Again

Euronews presented an interesting video about a Japanese wheelchair user who regained the ability to walk by using the HAL exoskeleton.

As you will see in the video the wheelchair user, Masohero is a quadriplegic from a car accident 12 years ago. He says just after the accident he was completley paralyzed. Later, he was able to regain some movement in his right side, but his left side could not move at all. Last summer he started to exercize using HAL one hour per day.

After using HAL, there is hardly any difference between his left and right side. As you can see in the video, now he can walk without HAL by using only a walker. Pretty spectacular progress.

Notice that he is held up using a ceiling lift. This is because the HAL exoskeleton does not have the ability yet to hold itself.

Read more about HAL exoskeleton for wheelchair users on the Exoskeleton Website.