Update on ReWalk Exoskeleton For Wheelchair Users

Technion is the University from which ReWalk developer Amit Goffer obtained his BSc (Bachelors of Science Degree). It is also the oldest university in Israel. From the Technion Website "Technion graduates comprise the majority of Israeli-educated scientists and engineers, constituting over 70% of the country's founders and managers of high-tech industries".

Technion also is part of The Technion seed fund, which includes four different venture capital. The Technion seed fund partnered with Argo Medical, invested money and gave the embryonic company the facilities to develop ReWalk.
Barbara Frank from Technion has published an article which gives more details about the history of ReWalk and some hints about the future of ReWalk. For example, her article reveals that by the end of 2011, a personal use model of ReWalk exoskeleton will be launched and that ReWalk is already planning to develop an exoskeleton for Quads. Very good news indeed.

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