Wheelchair Backpack: Check Out This Cool New Design!

If you are looking for a new wheelchair backpack, check out the RehaDesign Wheelchair Backpack.

RehaDesign Wheelchair backpack was designed to look cool and be easy to use. RehaDesign Stash and Flash wheelchair backpack is made from a water resistant material to protect your gear incase you get caught in the rain. This wheelchair backpack fits any wheelchair with a backrest between 14 and 18 inches wide (35 - 46 cm) without rubbing against the wheels, no adjustment necessary. It does not matter if there are push handles or not.

There are netted pockets on the sides of the wheelchair backpack for easy access and zipped pockets for a bit more security. Finger loops on the zips will assist quads and those with less finger mobility to open the pockets. The finger loops can also be cut away if not needed.

Safety has not been forgotten. A subtle reflective strip has been built into all RehaDesign Stash and Flash Wheelchair Backpacks. Inconspicuous during daylight hours, the reflective strip will light up when a light shines on it. Want even more bling and safety? Order an optional reflective tribal design. Only with RehaDesign Stash and Flash Wheelchair Backpack, can you choose your wheelchair backpack with a cool reflective tribal dragon or tribal heart design.

So, if you are in the market for a cool new wheelchair backpack, check out the new RehaDesign Stash and Flash Wheelchair Backpack