101 Year Old Wins Wheelchair Discrimination Complaint

According to a story published by CBS Local News a 99 year old Nettie Lobsenz was refused service by a NYC salon on Amsterdam Avenue because she was in a wheelchair. The salon said it was because of liability risk. Her daughter, Juliette Gould didn't buy it and made a complaint to the NYC Human Rights Commission. The committe agreed that it was discrimination and awarded Nettie and Juliette $7,500.

Another term of the settlement is that the salon has to post a sign saying it welcomes disabled customers within 30 days. So, if you are in NYC, go by the Amsterdam Avenue salon and see if the sign is there. If it is not, make a complaint. You too may win $7,500!!

What should you do if you are a wheelchair user and have experienced discrimination? See this interview with a disability attorney about disability law.