Should You Pimp Your Wheelchair?

I wrote an article called Pimp My Wheelchair, with ideas and suggestions about how to turn a wheelchair from a dull ride to a cool, stylish and yes blinged out wheelchair. In the article readers have the opportunity to express their opiniono about if they "Think It is a Good Idea to Pimp A Wheelchair?"

While many readers agree, recently one reader expressed an opinion that I have often heard:

In some respects, it would be ok, but I get ENOUGH attention when I'm using my wheelchair. "pimping it out" would just draw more, and I don't necessarily like being in the spotlight for that.

She expressed what many wheelchair users feel but perhaps don't want to say. The fact is that people DO stare at wheelchair users. Why? Curiosity? Pity? Being nosey?

People stare because they simply don't know enough about something. Years ago people used to stare when they saw an interacial couple. Or they would stare are someone with alot of tatoos or with dyed hair. Once everything becomes common place or "normal" people stop staring.

I think that it is healthy to express your individuality. It is not like you are rolling down the street wearing footed pajamas for adults. Show people that you are you and that your wheelchair is part of who you are. If enough people did it, the days of staring at wheelchair users would probably pass.


  1. Great insights! It's true that a wheelchair can come with a bit of unwanted attention, but we also think that the braver of wheelchair users might be interested in, as you say, "pimping out their wheelchair." It's a great way to create a sense of pride and "I-don't-care-if-you-stare-at-me" aura around yourself. There's nothing wrong with being a loud-and-proud wheelie!


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