Watch Wheelchair User Brock Waidmann In The Paul Reiser Show

Actor and wheelchair user Brock Waidmann will soon be appearing on the new Paul Reiser Show. The Paul Reiser Show, featuring the star of TV's "Mad About You" will debut on Thurs, April 14th on NBC.

What is unique about this show, is that while most Hollywood productions, such as the ever popular "Glee", use able-bodied actors to portray disabled characters, Paul Reiser chose Brock Waidmann, a real wheelchair user to play his son on the show.

We did an interview with Brock Waidmann sometime ago to get to know him better. Read that interview to see how delightful Brock is. Read it and I bet that like me, you will also feel that Brock deserves every success.

I hope that everyone who reads this will pass the word to watch the premier of The Paul Reiser Show and give Brock Waidmann as much support and encouragement as possible.