Pimped Out 2-Gear Wheelchair Wheels

Have a look at these cool camoflaged wheelchair wheels from Magic Wheels. You may not even notice that there is anything different about them until you look very closely. That is because they are camoflaged and they blend in so well with the grassy background. You may need to click on the image and expand it in order to see it more closely:

These cool camo wheels are owned by Micheal Beck of North Carolina. Beck was injured in a helicopter accident while in the Army. After an initial bout of depression, Micheal got married and lives a very active lifestyle. Micheal drags mustangs, flies a paraglider, coaches high school football, pilots a boat and hunts. The hunting, I imagine explains the cool camo wheels.

Beck's story of his injury and his come back is described beautifully in this blog post called Adapt and Overcome.