Quebec To Restrict Who Can Own A Motorized Wheelchair?

Amazing but true. Quebec is considering restricting ownership of motorized wheelchairs. According to a recent article in the CBC:

Quebec is launching a study to help determine if it should regulate the use of motorized wheelchairs. Currently anyone in the province can buy and use one but the provincial government is considering implementing restrictions.

Why? According to the article, the reason that Quebec wants to regulate who can own a motorized wheelchair is:

The use of motorized wheelchairs has been linked to 19 deaths in Quebec over the past 15 years

My guess is that many of those deaths were due to motorists not yielding to wheelchair users.

Rather than regulate who can own a wheelchair, the proper steps would be:

* Conduct a public awareness campaign to teach motorists how to behave when driving near a wheelchair user.

* Offer safety equipment to wheelchair users so that they are more visible at night. Read more about wheelchair safety.


  1. I could not live without my motorized wheelchair. It is so easy and gives me freedom! My point of view anyways...

  2. Motorized wheel chair is really a good option. it is easy in use and very helpful also.


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