ReWalk Exoskeleton Now Available To The US Public

Until now, exoskeletons have only been available in the USA in clinical trials. That meant that to use an exoskeleton you needed to apply for participation the trial and be selected. Now this has changed. MossRehab in Philadelphia has announced that starting in August they will be the first institution to offer ReWalk for therapeutic use. That means if your doctor gives you a prescription and a green light, you too can use it. According to the press release:

Therapeutic use of ReWalk – I, will be available initially to individuals with spinal cord injuries below T6 level who have none of the following: significant joint deformities, severe spasticity, back instability, unhealed fractures or pressure sores. Patients are required to have a recent DEXA scan for measurement of bone density and recent evaluation and prescription for ReWalk therapy from a rehabilitation physician who can certify that the patient is safe to stand.

How much will treatment cost you?:
Most insurances will cover the therapy as part of a course of physical therapy.
In case you do not remember ReWalk, Artie walked in ReWalk on the Christmas 2010 episode of Glee:

With this step, exoskeletons for wheelchair users can no longer be considered "experimental" and are well on their way to becoming a standard care. It will not be long before most top level US Rehab institutions will offer them. Read more about ReWalk Exoskeleton for wheelchair users.