Wheelchair Armrest Pets: A Unique Christmas Gift Idea For A Wheelchair User

Are you looking for a gift for a wheelchair user? Would you like to have a companion who will keep you company in your wheelchair all day long? Consider Wheelchair Armrest Pets. Wheelchair Armrest Pets will add style and personality to any manual wheelchair with armrests under 12 inches (30.5cm). There are eight wheelchair armrest pets including: * A Dog named "Wheelie the Pup" * Mr.Frog * Hippo-po-Tomas * Bunny * Sunshine the Duck * Peter the Penguin * Larry the Lion * Mike the Monkey A pair of wheelchair armrest pets (one for each armrest) costs euro 39. A bit of advice: Wheelchair armrest pets will make a unique Christmas gift idea for a wheelchair user. But shop early, because shipping takes longer during the holidays.