Help The Austin Exoskeleton Win A da Vinci Award

The Austin Exoskeleton is up for a Davinci Award. What is a Davinci Award? From the website:

The da Vinci Awards® help build awareness of adaptive technologies that can benefit all people, regardless of ability. By nominating, you help us recognize those people and products that bring life-improving technologies to the masses.

While winners of da Vinci Award are selected by judges, according to the website "People's Choice Awards" will also be given to those Finalists receiving the highest number of video views (or votes) on YouTube"

While there are some excellent and deserving technologies there, my favorite of course is the Austin Exoskeleton. Why? Simply because the goal of the Austin Exoskeleton is to bring an affordable exoskeleton to the market. So, PLEASE watch the video below and if you can, share it via blogs, forums and emails.