Exoskeleton User Completes London Marathon

The Wheelchair Pride Blog has been quiet for a while. Much too long. But I have some news to report that I just can not resist reporting here. Claire Lomas, a UK wheelchair user has become the first person to complete the London Marathon in an Exoskeleton. I am proud of Claire's determination. Why? It took her 16 days to complete the marathon, but that did not stop her. You can see more about her final steps in this video: Claire's achievement did not get included in the London Marathon records, because she did not finish on the same day. Claire got no medals from the Marathon organizers, but some able bodied runners gave their medels to her. One day, in the not too distant future, exoskeleton users will complete a marathon AHEAD of able bodied runners. I am certain that there will be those who will complain that running in an exoskeleton is an unfair advantage. Visit Clair's website or click to learn more about exoskeletons for wheelchair users.