New Wheelchair Glove For Wheelchair Users With Hand Disabilities

A new leather wheelchair push glove has been launched for active wheelchair users. This new leather wheelchair glove has been designed primarily for quadriplegic wheelchair users and other wheelchair users who have hand disabilities who are active and would like to push a manual wheelchair. What makes this wheelchair glove unique?

First: Wheelchair users can select the type of closure that they prefer. Some wheelchair users prefer to close their gloves with a strap, because a strap makes it easier to close the wheelchair glove. Other wheelchair users prefer not to have a strap, because then the glove can open wider making it easier to insert the hand. This new wheelchair glove is the first offer both options.

Second: The wheelchair glove is completely open from the backside making allowing the hands more freedom to move.

Third: The grips on the palm of the hand are separated giving this wheelchair glove a hinge-like effect making this wheelchair glove more flexible than other wheelchair gloves.

Fourth: Unlike cheap leather wheelchair gloves which can turn the hand black due to color transfer, this wheelchair glove is lined with material so that the hand in never in contact with the leather. There is no need to wash this wheelchair glove before use and there is no risk that the hands of the wheelchair users can turn black.

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