Push Girls: Hot Wheelchair Girls Or Inspirational Tear Jerker?

The folks from NPR contacted me recently to let me know that they will be will be interviewing some of the cast of the new Sundance reality show "Push Girls".  They wrote:

On Wednesday, June 13, 2012, NPR’s Talk of the Nation is doing a segment on women in wheelchairs at 3 p.m. (EST). We’ll be talking to Auti Angel and Mia Schaikewitz from the Sundance channel series, “Push Girls” and we’ll also be taking calls from listeners who want to weigh in.
I had heard that Push Girls was in development but I did not realize it was already being broadcast. So, I looked on Youtube to see if I could find a few clips. This is what I found:

Frankly, that clip of Push Girls seems too "inspirational" for my liking and if they continue in that direction, I doubt that this show will have much "staying power". Yes, the Push Girls are strong. Yes, the Push Girls have done remarkable things post-injury. I know Auti Angel and there is not a sweeter, more talented girl on 4 wheels. But for this reality show to last more than a few episodes, we will need much, much more than inspirational fluff.

Then I saw this:

Reverse cowgirl? What is THAT?  So, of course I had to do a Google search and find out. Don't click this link if you blush easily, but if you are not shy here is a definition of Reverse Cowgirl.

So, I am hoping that the Push Girls break down some barriers and knock down some walls. Show us some hot girls on wheels. Make us blush. Make us laugh.  Don't go for the easy emotions, rather tug at our heart strings. THEN this show could be around for a few seasons.

NPR let me know that the interview with Auti Angel and Mia Schaikewitz can be heard internationally within a few hours after its live broadcast in the United States at this link.

PS: If there is a "Push Girl" reading this who would like to be interviewed, contact me at RehaDesign "AT" gmail.com and I will set it up. Believe me, it will not be "inspirational fluff".