Quad Wheelchair Glove Review

Jan from the Czech Republic, bought a pair of Strap N Roll gloves, and wrote to us that he liked them. Since Strap N Roll Quad gloves are new on the market, we wrote to Jan and asked if he would like to do an interview to tell us his thoughts about Strap N Roll and Jan kindly agreed.

Gene: Jan, can you tell us a bit more about yourself? What level is your injury? What kind of hand function do you have?

Jan: My name is Jan, I´m 32 years old and I´m from Czech Republic. 16 years ago, i jumped into the water, level of my injury is C4-C5. Kind of hand function is only wrist flexion.

Gene: What features do you look for in Quad Gloves? What kind of Quad gloves have you used in the past?

Jan: I was looking for the gloves what go easy to put on, help me easily control my wheelchair, will protect my hands against abrasions and will look good. That is my first Quad gloves.

Gene: What is it that interested you in Strap N Roll Quad Gloves? Why did you buy them?

Jan: Strap n Roll gloves had everything what I wrote above.

Gene: What were your thoughts about Strap N Roll Quad Gloves after you tried them? What did you like about them? What didn't you like about them?

Jan: Gloves had everything what i expect. They go easy to put on, have very good protection of my hands and make easily drive the wheelchair. I like the material and look. I have found no negative yet.

Gene: Did you find the Quad Gloves easy to put on?

Jan: Yes, absolutely.

Gene: Tell us about the fit? Was it comfortable?

Jan: Yes, no problem.

Gene: What about the grip on the push rim? Can you tell us about that? Do they help you to push the wheelchair more easily?

Jan: I think the grip is very good. I have rubberized push rims and that make the grip better.

Gene: Does the leather seem like it is good quality?

Jan: Yes, quality of leather seems like good. I use the gloves one week only, will see in future.

Gene: Is there anything else you would like us to know?

Jan: Yes. Thank you for your job. You do it great!!!

Gene: Thank you so much for the feedback. We really appreciate it.

If you buy a pair of our wheelchair gloves and would agree to be interviewed and let people know what you think, please drop us a note at RehaDesign "AT" Gmail.com. Click to see Strap N Roll Quad Gloves.