Have a Blogger Blog? Add Google Plus Button FAST

Would you like to increase the traffic to your blogger blog? Would you like to make your blogger posts found more easily? One way to do that is to add a Google Plus Button to your blog as well as after each of the blog posts. If you do not understand what that means,  look to the left and right of the Wheelchair Pride Blog (this blog you are reading now):

* Do you see that G+1 followed by "Recommend this on Google"? (To your left)
* Do you see that "I'm on G+ / Add to circles"? (To your right)

* Now look at the bottom of this post (and every post of this blog). Look directly above where it says "labels". Do you see all of those little icons? If you hover your mouse over them you will see "share to facebook", "share to twitter", "Recommend this on Google"

Adding those buttons could increase your traffic.  Would you like to add those buttons to your Blogger blog easily and quickly? Even if you have no technical ability? Then check out this article about How To Add Google Plus To Blogger. Note that this only applies to Blogger Blogs, but probably something similar applies to Word Press Blogs as well.