Push Girls: A Guy's View

Since I live in Europe and do not have the Sundance Channel, I can not watch the Push Girls as easily as others can. But I did manage to catch an episode of Push Girls uploaded on DailyMotion (if this link does not work in the future, do not be surprised. I expect the video to be taken down at some point, after all, I doubt it has been put there with the kind permission of the Sundance Channel).

What did I think? Well, this show is called Push GIRLS (note the caps) and, it really seemed a "chick flick" sort of thing. It was really focused on women's issues and, probably for that reason, it did not really click with me. But then again, most reality shows don't, particularly the girlie ones. Come to think of it, if I did not have a wife and a child, I probably would not watch TV at all. Mostly we watch E Channel (I always wonder when they will rename E Channel the Kardashian Channel? Do they show anything else?) and BabyTV. Sad to think that I know more about Kim Kardashian and Baby Chef than I do about many of my friends.

Anyway, I digressed. Even though I am not a fan of Push Girls, I can understand that it does resonate with many viewers. Read reviews written by women, such as this Push Girls Episode 6 Review,

I have discovered that most women really love Push Girls. Why not? Push girls focuses issues such as on dating, beauty, modeling, fashion and a boat load of other issues that women, more than most men, are interested in. So, I wonder, now that Push Girls seems to be successful, is there going to be a sequel called "Push Guys" or "Push Babies"? Better yet, if there was a "Push Kardashians", I would probably be watching it whether I want to or not.