ReWalk Vs Ekso Exoskeletons: How Do They Compare?

Most articles I read about exoskeletons for wheelchair users are very one dimensional, generally focusing on one of the exoskeleton brands and doing very little in depth analysis of Exoskeletons, the market or their potential. But I highly recommend this article by Ted Greenwald from Fast Company because Greenwald does what few journalists do. He really goes into depth about the subject. I even learned a few things. For example, in this paragraph Greenwald writes why one Rehab Center chose Ekso over ReWalk:
Denison chose the Ekso over the ReWalk-I from Argo Medical of Israel. The Israeli device, which is in use at several U.S. rehab facilities, does offer capabilities the Ekso can't match: It can climb stairs and navigate inclines, and its steps are activated by the wearer's gestures rather than a therapist's button presses. But other therapists who had used the ReWalk told Denison that it took too long to get patients in and out of it.
I found it interesting that a Rehab Center selected an exoskeleton for how easy it is to put on over superior performance and functionality. If anyone else has experience with the different exoskeletons or has read articles which compare the different exoskeletons, please contact me at RehaDesign (AT) Gmail (dot) com. Read more about exoskeletons for people with disabilities.