Angel Faces : For Girls With Severe Facial Burns

 Although this blog is dedicated to wheelchairs and wheelchair users, sometimes I come across another disability issue that is so important, I feel compelled to help spread the word. Recently I stumbled upon an organization called "Angel Faces" which " is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide healing retreats and ongoing support for adolescent girls with burn/trauma injuries".

The head of Angel Faces, Lesia Cartelli, was burnt on 50% of her face and body from a gas explosion at the age of nine. Lesia organizes retreats for young girls who have also been burned. The purpose of these retreats is to help girls, aged 11-19 to become more self-confident and improve their self-image. You can read more about Angel Faces in this article in  Washington Post or by watching an interview with Leisa:

Or by visiting the Angel Faces Website. You can also help Angel Faces achieve their goals without spending any money at all. Simply use Good Search and nominate Angel Faces as your beneficiary. For every Good Search you do, Angel Faces will receive 1 cent!