Christmas Gift Ideas For A Young Wheelchair User

Are you shopping for a Christmas Gift Idea for a child who uses a wheelchair? Here are a few ideas which may help. Wheelchair Arm Rest Pets are a combination of armrest covers and plush toys (stuffed animals). These pets attach to any wheelchair armrests 12 inches (30.5cm) or less. They are available as rabbits, hippos, frogs, ducks and all kinds of other creatures, making the wheelchair a warmer, more friendly place to be. Turn any wheelchair into a petting zoo with Wheelchair Armrest Pets. Another cool gift for a child who uses a wheelchair is wUnderGlow, the fun wheelchair light makes the wheelchair user more visible at night, for improved night time safety. Or it can adds a bit of fun by giving a cool "underglow effect" to the wheelchair as seen in the video below:
In addition, there are a variety of wheelchair toys on the market, such as Doll named Beckie, who is essentially a Barbie Doll in a wheelchair. If none of those ideas work for you, check out these gift ideas for wheelchair users.