Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Wheelchair Users

Are you looking for a Christmas Gift Idea For a Wheelchair User for Christmas 2015? Here are four unique ideas for Christmas Gifts for for the wheelchair user in your life:

Wheelchair Tire Covers

Wheelchairs tires get dirty and muddy. They can get covered with gum and animal droppings. What do wheelchair users do when they bring the wheelchair inside? Usually, they mess up the floors. Now wheelchair users can put on their Wheelchair Tire Covers, called "Wheelchair Slippers" and "Wheelchair Socks". Wheelchair tire covers are machine washable and will keep the floors clean and safe from damage. Wheelchair Tire Covers made great Christmas gift ideas, because most wheelchair users do not know that they exist.  For more information about Wheelchair Tire Covers visit RehaDesign.com

Or watch this brief (1 minute) video:

Wheelchair Push Rim Covers

Wheelchair Push Rims (or wheelchair hand rims) are the rings on the wheels that the wheelchair user pushes in order to move the wheelchair. Wheelchair Pushrims are freezing cold in the winter and burning hot in the summer. They can also cause abrasions and blisters on the hand. They get scratched and ugly. But most importantly, wheelchair pushrims are slick metal and hard to grab onto.

Ultra-Grrrip Pushrim Covers go on easily, in just seconds. They have a rubbery texture that is easy to grip and they come in a large variety of colors (red, blue, green, pink, purple, yellow and black), so they make the wheelchair look great. Ultra-Grrrip Pushrim Covers are available on Amazon.  Find out more about Ultra-Grrrip Wheelchair Pushrim Covers by watching the brief the video below:

Wheelchair Lights

wUnderGlow Wheelchair Lights are the first lights designed for manual wheelchairs. They clip on in seconds and come off just as easily. Use them for night time visibility and fun. Watch the brief video below and see the fun lighting effects!

Adult Footed Pajamas
Many people with disabilities are extremely sensitive to the cold. Winters can be particularly difficult for many disabled people. Adult footed pajamas are probably the warmest pajamas on the market because they cover the wearer from head to foot. Kajamaz adult footed pajamas are made in Europe and feature a specially designed backflap which makes it easier to use the toilet. 

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