Wheelchair Hand Rim Covers In All The Colors Of The Rainbow : Make Your Wheelchair Go From Bland to Beautiful

Are your wheelchair handrims scratched and ugly? Is it uncomfortable pushing against cold, hard aluminum wheelchair hand rims? Are you looking for a better grip when pushing on your wheelchair hand rims? Colorful Ultra-Grrrip Handrim Covers by RehaDesign will not only making pushing on your wheelchair handrims more comfortable and more efficient, they will also make your wheelchair go from bland to beautiful. RehaDesign Ultra-Grrrip Wheelchair HandRim covers go on easily in seconds as can be seen from the demonstration video below:
These hand rim covers are much more comfortable to the touch than hard, cold aluminum, which can be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. And the the traction is amazing! Paraplegics and people with no hand mobility issues will enjoy the increased performance offered by Ultra-Grrrip hand rim covers. People with hand mobility issues, like quadriplegics / tetraplegics should consider Groovy handrim covers. Groovy hand rim covers have treads in them, which dramatically increase the surface area of the cover.
Want to give your wheelchair bling? Select an eye-popping color for your covers, like purple or pink. Ultra-Grrrip Hand Rim Covers are available in six attractive colors plus black! With so many options you can personalize your wheelchair and make it perform better too!