What Do Asian Wheelchair Users Do About Dirty Wheelchair Tires?

Jenny Hones is a Japanese American blogger writing about Asian culture, lifestyle and interior design. One of her posts entitled "The Asian Custom of Removing Shoes at the Door" attracted my attention. In that post Jenny explained the history of the custom and why it applied long ago and why it is still followed today.

I wrote to Jenny and asked her how that custom applied to Asian wheelchair users. Since the wheels of a wheelchair user are like feet, I asked Jenny what do Asian wheelchair users do when entering the house? Jenny said that she did not know.  But she told me that she was working on an interior design at Asian nursing home and she would ask. I told Jenny about RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers and Wheelchair Socks.  As I suspected, no one at the Nursing home had any idea about what kind of solutions were available for wheelchair users and they had never heard of RehaDesign Slippers and Socks.

So, Jenny offered to help spread the word and she did as she promised by writing this wonderful article on her blog called "If We Remove Shoes in the House, Why Not Add Covers for Wheelchairs??" It is a well written article. Thank you very much Jenny!