Georgia State Tennis Championship

Wheelchair sports is one of our favorite topics and today we would like to say a couple words about wheelchair tennis and our support for a wheelchair tennis competition we provided a while ago.

Wheelchair tennis is that kind of game, where the size of courts, balls, rackets are the same as in usual tennis, but the athletes are sitting in wheelchairs.
Wheelchair tennis is well known since 1970s when the competitive wheelchair tennis tournaments have started and the wheelchair tennis programme occurred.
Now, the disabled people can also participate in this sport and even be a part of Paralympics since 1980s.

RehaDesign wheelchair accessories has recently sponsored prizes for participants of wheelchair tennis competition: Georgia State Tennis Championship which is an yearly event attended by many athletes. We worked with Sharon Greiner, president of the Southern Crescent Tennis Association who requested some prizes from our wheelchair accessory line such as RehaDesign Ultra-Grrrip Wheelchair GlovesRehaDesign Strap N Roll Wheelchair Gloves and the RehaDesign Gator Wheelchair Gloves. Also, wheelchair users had fun with our Wunderglow Wheelchair Lights!

‘‘While tennis is a big part of the player's lives, it's obviously not the only thing that they do. When they arrive at the tennis court, it is in their regular chair and then they transfer to the sport chair. RehaDesign products were the idea of being able to expose the players to some products they haven't seen before.’’ said Sharon Greiner, president of the Southern Crescent Tennis Association. “I am very thankful for all the sponsors' support”.

Here is what participants said about the Georgia State Championship:
John Rogers - What great job everyone did creating a wonderful tennis weekend.

Buddy  Mays - Had a great time at the tournament you guys held in Peachtree City because we all know how life changing adaptive sports can be for wheelchair users(saved my life) plus to get the cool gear from the raffles and player bags were a big plus. Very useful stuff and appreciated by all I'm sure I know my stuff was. Thanks again for a great tournament all around.

Stacey Rice - Thanks for all the time and energy you put into making this tournament a huge success! Fun times! Looking forward to next year!

Jennifer Speer - Thank you so much for your support of the Peachtree City wheelchair tennis tournament. It was great competition and so much fun. It's always nice to be around such a great group of people. A wonderful weekend!

Check out Georgia State Championship here and check our RehaDesign wheelchair accessories here.