Spinal Stimulator: helping paralized patients to regain mobility

Motorcycle lover Gomez Brian broke his neck in an accident six years ago. Last year, June 2016, he became one of the first patients to undergo a special surgery to enable him to move his hands. It was performed by Ronald Reagan Medical Center Doctors (LA). A 32-electrode spinal simulator was implanted below Brian's spinal-cord injury, in the middle of his neck,the area correlated to the loss of function and feeling of the limbs. The team from Ronald Reagan Medical Center have performed the very first implant medical procedure of this kind on two spinal-cord injury patients. The results were good and the growth of the mobility of the fingers was noticed. The strenght of the grip increased up to 300 percent. And that is a lot!
We know, that the spine has the pathways for information from our brain to the limbs. The spinal stimulator is helping the spinal cord to find and use these pathways. And it is a unique effective technology as the device is implanted in the spine instead of the brain. The electrical stimulation is used in order to recover the abilities of standing, moving hands and legs.

Please watch this video to find out more details about this promissing technology.