Introducing Twinstincts: Let Freedom Ring!

WheelchairPride is excited to introduce a guest blogger going under the nickname of Twinstincts . She has a warm charming personality and some experiences and thoughts to share with all of you. Enjoy reading her posts and let us know what you think!
Written by Twinstincts

Hello, my fellow mobility challenged community! This is the start of a wonderful opportunity to communicate with all of you. We will be exploring topics relating to the realities of living life dealing with mobility constraints. Allow me to introduce myself. I am an identical twin who became disabled immediately following my hospitalization after my 30th birthday almost ten years ago. My twin sister has been disabled for about one and a half years now. As I’ve helped her navigate through the many challenges of relying upon mobility devices to get through this new life she’s living, I’ve come to desire more freedom and independence for myself. What a wonderful surprise that revelation has been! Unlike her, I have been blessed with a super supportive husband by my side throughout the entire transition from loving my career in the medical field to being stuck at home no longer having the ability to venture out on my own.  

I initially purchased a $200 wheelchair via the internet thinking my condition was only temporary. Two years later, I upgraded to a customized manual Invacare MVP wheelchair. Wow, did I think my new set of wheels was fab! Over the years, I relied heavily upon my husband to get the chair in and out of the car and push me from place to place. I constantly found myself extremely uncomfortable with the darn push handles digging into my shoulders as well as many other issues factoring into my discomfort and pain. I’m also not able to open and close my folding wheelchair without assistance. After spending some time with my sis and seeing the freedom her Pride Go Go afforded her once she had her lift installed on her vehicle, I was craving a solution to offer me that level of independence. Thanks Sis! And so the journey to exploring new assisted mobility device options began! I will be happy to share more details with you in my further posts.

     I appreciate you all taking the time to get to know me a bit and look forward to exploring subjects regarding stories of triumph, struggles, solutions, etc in the future. This is the perfect platform to rally around one another as we navigate through this wonderful life we’ve been given, albeit mighty frustrating at times. Here’s to you and remember…this life is what you choose to make of it day by day! I'm not sure exactly how often I'll be able to post but I will always welcome input in the comments box below. Please bear with me as this is the start of my blogging adventure! (FYI, my six-year-old niece coined the term "Twinstincts"...Twins with instincts! I sure thought it was pretty clever!)


  1. I am so proud of you, Sista, for having the courage to venture out and share your story (even our story sometimes) with others, in the hopes it will help someone else cope! How awesome of RehaDesign to invite you to do this and support those of us who are disabled, looking for honest times encouraging, at times straight up honest without an immediate solution at hand. Love you so much and am proud to be your other half of Twinstincts! I will say, your husband has made a world of difference in how incredibly supportive he has been. Love you both!


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