Gel-Palm Wheelchair Gloves, Anyone?! =)

Written by Twinstincts

Hello my fellow mobility challenged yet exceptionally positive readers! Have I got a solution for you...I received a pair of RehaDesign Gel-Palm wheelchair gloves in exchange for my honest review.  I was super excited to give these gloves a legitimately challenging demo pushing myself in my first 5k benefiting disabled veterans.  I absolutely loved the two genius loops on each glove to aid in easy removal! Unfortunately, I found the gloves to be too wide for my slender hands and this caused the gel palm to bunch up making it difficult to grip my rims. I was happy the medium size was long enough to accommodate my thumb though because I learned from a previous purchase of the size small RehaDesign Ultra-Grrrip wheelchair gloves, the width was perfect but the thumb was too small and jammed my thumbnail into my finger with each push. My solution...I cut the tips of the thumbs off with a pair of scissors and they are now my go-to gloves and managed to get me through my 5k without any blisters or pain! Yay!

Along my 5k journey, I came across another manual wheelchair user who was struggling to self-propel due to obvious pain in his hands.  I reached into my backpack and give him the RehaDesign Gel-Palm gloves which didn't suit my hands, and he was quite thrilled!  Off he went and pulled way ahead of me but I took great joy in knowing I had aided a disabled vet in conquering his dream of completing a 5k on his own! is good and it pays to pay it forward...don't ever forget that!

In conclusion, if you have wider hands, absolutely get yourself a pair of the Gel-Palm gloves but if you have narrow hands, spoil yourself with the Ultra-Grrrip wheelchair gloves from RehaDesign! Here is the web link:

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my experiences with you and I'm not sure when or if I'll be able to post again but it has truly been a pleasure! Have a fantastic summer and, although it can certainly be difficult at times, be thankful for the challenges you face because it means you are still blessed with this wonderful life we've been given! XOXO

RehaDesign Gel-Palm Wheelchair Gloves