Gavin McInnes: "Wheelchair dancing" is NOT an oxymoron

Some people just don't get it. Recently I watched a rather offensive youtube video from a Canadian "comedian" Gavin McInnes who said that Wheelchair dancing is an oxymoron. He said, "You  can't dance if you are in a wheelchair". Further, he insisted, "You need legs to dance"`. McInnes complained that when a wheelchair dancer is partnered with an able bodied person, the wheelchair dancer is simply watching while the able bodied person is doing all of the work. The guy is crude, rude but further he is simply misinformed.

Some years ago, I came across a video of the amazing Piotr Iwanicki dancing with his lovely able bodied partner Dorota Janowska, to "Long Tall Sally". Sorry, the quality of this video is not great. I would pay to watch Gavin McInnes attempt to do this. That would be quite a laugh.
Here is Piotr again in a more recent dance.


 How can anybody deny the ability of this talented performer? Gavin McInnes: Wheelchair dancing" is NOT an oxymoron. Wheelchair dancing is an art.