Disability Statistics : The Impact of Disability on Employment, Salary and Poverty

This infographic summarizes some important information from  the 2017 Disability Statistics Annual Report, the most important points are: 

  1. Almost 13% of the US population is affected by disabilities; 
  2. Only 36% of working age people with disabilities have a job ;
  3. People with disabilities earn significantly less than able bodied people  ($22,047 vs $33.476) ;
  4. People with disabilities are more likely to live in poverty than people without disabilities. (20.9% are in poverty compared with 13.1% of able bodied population .
Medical scientists are developing treatment for disabilities ( for example stem cell therapies). However this needs time until it can make a significant impact. In the mean time policy makers must develop solutions for improving the quality of services, reducing the level of poverty, and improving the salary and the employment of people with disabilities. 

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