Patent No US D814,364 S: Small front wheels covers.

In the sky the clouds are very grey, it’s raining, the rain makes everything wet: streets, trees, houses, cars and people. Everybody is running to find a covered place, some of them are coming back  home, a long traffic of car is making noise. In the middle of this chaos, a guy is moving slowly in his wheelchair under the rain. Fortunately he has some help to keep dry. He is using an umbrella system which allows him to be protected from the rain and allow him to use both of his hands. Finally, the guy on the wheelchair arrives at home but it’s unavoidable to make the floor of the house dirty with the wet wheelchair. It happens every time  rains it and this situation bothers him a little bit. In the afternoon, the main character of this story is spending time on the Internet and suddenly his attention is caught by this news:

“ Today 3rd April 2018 the RehaDesign company got the patent for its small front wheels covers, called wheelchair socks. The patent has the code US D814,364 S and it shows the great innovative skills of the owner of the company: Dr Gene Emmer. The head of the company, Dr. Emmer works day by day to find a new solutions for making the lives of wheelchair users more comfortable. This is the reason why among the product designed by Dr. Emmer we can find wheelchair tire covers, Gloves, Umbrella system and so on. Wheelchair socks like wheelchair slippers are very easy to put on before coming inside after being out on a rainy day.

The guy who is reading the news, looked at the umbrella which he was using in the morning in the rain. He was surprised to discover that the brand that made that umbrella was RehaDesign. He smiled knowing the good quality of that product, he decided to buy the Wheelchair Socks and Slippers, so next time the wet floor after going out in the rain will be a distant memory …

RehaDesign wants to thanks our customers for their support. With this patent another step is made, we will keep working to improving the quality of our products and the quality of the life of wheelchair users.

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