Coming SOON! Rayne Shield Leg Protector For Wheelchair Users

You are out wheeling in your wheelchair on a nice autumn day. Suddenly the skies open up and you get caught in a sudden autumn rain. Fortunately, your upper body stays dry, because you are wearing your rain coat. Unfortunately, your legs get soaking wet, because your raincoat does not protect your legs.

Has it happened to you? Of course it has! In fact in a recent survey we made over 84% of wheelchair users said that their rain solution does not keep their legs dry.

So, we gathered a team of 10 wheelchair users from around the world and developed Rayne Shield. Rayne Shield is compact and can be carried in your backpack. When the rain starts, you can put it on in seconds. Rayne Shield comes in 6 beautiful colors, so you can match your chair or your clothes.  So, how can you buy Rayne Shield??? YOU CAN'T! Not yet. We are still preparing for launch (photos, videos, website, etc). However, we promise to have Rayne Shield ready in time for autumn rain. But we have made a limited amount in the first batch.  So, if you want to be among the first to be notified of Rayne Shield launch, leave your name and email address below:

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