The Best Dating Sites For Wheelchair Users

Dating for Wheelchair Users

Internet dating is never easy. You have to put yourself out there to total strangers and open yourself to rejection.  But internet dating can be more challenging for wheelchair users.  Is it better to go for mainstream dating sites? Or to go for sites focused on other people with disabilities? :

Use mainstream dating apps:





If you go this route, you might want to mention your wheelchair with a sense of humor. For example:

"Going out with me means you will enjoy premier, front row parking. "

"If we fly you get to be the first to board the plane". 

"If you ever get tired of walking,  you always have a ride"

"Even though I am at ass level, I promise not to stare"

Use Apps or websites designed for people with disabilities.

I wrote to 8 websites which claim to be specialized for people with disabilities.  I received responses from the four of them which are listed below. In addition, I checked  them with and in parentheses you will see the number of daily visitors at this moment. 

Soulful Encounters (442)

Whispers4U (472)

On 15 July, 2021 I had an extensive video interview with Louise the owner of Soulful Encounters, and I understood that she is serious about her website. Louise is a very sweet woman who runs Soulful Encounters as a "passion", not for profit. The only fee is a one time charge of $5 to cover the expense of a phone call. There are no subscription or membership fees. The purpose of the $5 payment is that Louise calls and vets every new member to weed out "Scammers" and make sure that potential members are serious about signing up and participating.  Louise told me that they have "DJ's" who provide music and during those times, the chatrooms are usually most active. Currently DJs are working (all times are EST)

* MTF 12-2pm
* Monday 6-8pm
* Tuesday 8pm-10pm

All of the other websites were contacted and asked for an interview. None of the other websites agreed to discuss with me by video or phone.  Based on the number of visitors and Louise's  professionalism, I would suggest to start with Soulful Encounters. As I get more information, I will update this page.

Facebook Groups (number of members at time of publication)

Disability Dating (3500 members)

Disabled Dating Group (2000 members)

Single Men and Women in Wheelchairs Looking for Love (3500 members)

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