Frequently Asked Questions about RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves

Wheelchair Glove FAQs

Here are some of the most popular questions about RehaDesign wheelchair gloves:

1. Do you ship to my country? Yes, we ship by registered post worldwide. If your country has a reliable postal service, our products will reach you.

2. My shipment is late, are you sure it is coming? It is very rare that a shipment goes missing. In our experience maybe we lose one parcel per year. However, check your tracking number, it may be waiting for you at your post office.

3. Where is my tracking number? After shipping we send a confirmation email with your tracking number to the email address that you registered with paypal.

4. How much does shipping cost? It depends on where you live. You will see the shipping cost before you check out at the shop.

5. What glove should I select for my disability? Each Rehadesign glove was designed for a special purpose as can be seen in the chart below. For people with no hand mobility limitations like Paraplegics, we have Ultra-Grrrip 4 seasons wheelchair gloves, RehaDesign Gel-Palm wheelchair gloves, and Gel-Palm Gloves. For people with hand mobility issues like Quadriplegics, we have RehaDesign Strap N Roll wheelchair gloves, RehaDesign Gator wheelchair gloves, RehaDesign Flexi-Fit wheelchair gloves, in addition we have a glove designed for children, RehaDesign Pediatric Wheelchair Gloves.

6. What is the difference between Gator and Strap N Roll Gloves? Gator gloves close with a velcro-like closure. These open very wide and make it easy to insert the hand. These are intended for people who can not open their hand very much. Strap N Roll gloves close with a strap which makes it easier to close, these are intended for people who want to put on their gloves independently.


7. What makes RehaDesign Pediatric gloves special? These gloves close with an adjustable strap, so that they “Grow” with the child. They will fit most children's hands between the age of 4 and 9. When pediatric gloves get to be too small, your child can “graduate” to Strap N Roll, size XS or S.

8. Can I use Gel-Palm gloves or Flexi-Fit gloves for sport? No, Gel-Palm Gloves and Flexi-Fit gloves were intended for comfort and use around the house. They are not intended for very active use.

9. What is special about Flexi-Fit? Flexi-Fit are made of a thin light weight neoprene with a grip fabric on the palm. They are extremely lightweight and flexible and will not limit your hand movement. But they are made for everyday use around the house or going shopping. For more active use, we recommend Strap N Roll or Gator gloves.

10. How can I choose the right glove size? You need to measure your palm as shown in the photo in inches or centimeters. Then look at the chart below to select your glove size.   

11. What if my hands are extra large or extra small? In some glove styles we carry XS and XXL sizes. Contact us at Info "AT" RehaDesign.Com and ask

12. Which wheelchair gloves should I choose for everyday use? We recommend to choose RehaDesign Gel-Palm wheelchair gloves or RehaDesign Flexi-Fit wheelchair gloves.

13. Which wheelchair gloves should I choose for active use? If you have no hand limitations, we recommend to choose RehaDesign Ultra-Grrrip half finger wheelchair gloves, or for colder weather Ultra-Grrrip 4 seasons wheelchair gloves. If you have limited hand mobility, we recommend RehaDesign Strap N Roll wheelchair gloves, or RehaDesign Gator wheelchair gloves.

14. What are RehaDesign wheelchair gloves made of? It depends on the gloves you choose. Most of our gloves are made of quality leather. All of our gloves have a special grip material on the palms that improves your grip on the pushrims. Gel-Palm gloves have a gel insert that helps people for improved comfort, especially for people with hand pain. Flexi-Fit are made of neoprene.

15. Will your gloves make my hands black? No, some inexpensive leather gloves will transfer black dye to your hands when your hands get hot and sweaty. Some manufacturers advise you to wash your gloves before use to minimize this color transfer. However, RehaDesign gloves are made with a special fabric on the inside of the RehaDesign gloves, so your hands do not come into contact with the leather and there is no risk of black hands.

16. What gloves should I choose if I have limited hand functions? We recommend to choose RehaDesign Strap N Roll wheelchair gloves, RehaDesign Gator wheelchair gloves or RehaDesign Flexi-Fit wheelchair gloves.

17. My gloves arrived but they feel stiff. That is because they are made from strong quality, leather. But like a good pair of leather shoes, as you use them they will get more and more comfortable and flexible as you can see in this video.

18. I love my gloves but they got dirty. What to do now? You can wash RehaDesign gloves with cool water and mild detergent. Air dry.

If you have any other questions or concerns about RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves or other products, you can always contact us by writing a message on our Rehadesign facebook page or by e-mail Info “AT”