Pushrim Covers for a Child's Wheelchair

Colourful Pushrim Covers for a Kid's Wheelchair

 A few months back a customer contacted us to ask "I am interested in pushrim covers for my little girl's wheelchair, I would like a pink or a purple one or any color that can fit a Lil girl," Her wheelchair had 20 inch tires. 

Normally we can supply pushrim covers for 24 inch wheels in 7 colours (Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, Blue, Black). Sometimes we can provide colored pushrim covers in other sizes too, such as 22 or 20 inch. In this case we managed to provide purple pushrim cover and multi-colored Seksi Spokes.

The result was amazing as you can see from the photos. The little girl who is 3.5 years old looks beautiful and her wheelchair looks great too.

Thank you so much for the delightful feedback and photos. It made us smile. Click for more Information about RehaDesign Pushrim Covers and Seksi Spokes.