Five Amazing Wheelchair Dance Videos

Five Amazing Wheelchair Dance Videos

From Two Amazing Wheelchair Dancers

I am a fan of wheelchair dance. But I want to see more than just upper body movement. Usually, it means a strong wheelchair dancer doing amazing lifts or quick movements, and this is usually done by male wheelchair dancers. . Two of the best are Piotr Iwanicki from Poland and Julius Jun Obero from the Philippians. 

"Gravity" by Marisa Hamamoto & Piotr Iwanicki.  Piotr is an amazing dancer and in this video he seems to defy gravity.
Marisa Hamamoto and Piotr Iwanicki Some cool visuals and stunning choreography.


 Dorota Janowska and Piotr Iwanicki performing an upbeat "Long Tall Sally". As you can see Piotr is one of my favorite dancers.


 Here is a video from Pilipinas Got Talent Grand Finals featuring Julius Jun Obero and Rhea Marquez


 And another video from Julius Jun Obero and Rhea Marquez


Who am I missing? What other talented wheelchair dancers are there? If you have some suggestions, please write them in the comments. I would be particularly interested to hear about the best women wheelchair dancers.