Six Ways Wheelchair Users Can Survive in Cold and Rainy Weather

How to Beat Autumn

There is nothing worse than being caught in a rain storm. Particularly if you are a wheelchair user.  First, you and all of your possessions get wet. Then you take your wheelchair inside and your house gets dirty and muddy. 

Here are some excellent accessories you can use to survive in rainy autumn weather.

Start by keeping your hands safe, warm and comfortable with UltraGrrrip 4 Seasons Wheelchair Gloves. 4 Seasons gloves are full finger leather gloves. They have an innovative grip palm material that improves your grip even in wet and cold weather.  They have a lining inside of the gloves to protect your hands so that your hands never come into contact with the leather keeping your hands comfortable and reducing sweating.

With your hands protected, next think about your legs. Sitting in a wheelchair means that your legs are going to get drenched. This is where Rayne Shield comes in.  Rayne Shield is small and easily packed into a tiny pocket. Then when you are caught in rain, it can be quickly wrapped over your legs and feet to keep you warm and dry.

Pushrim Covers won't keep your pushrims dry. But they will improve the grip and the comfort. There is nothing worse against the hands than cold wet metal. Pushrims covers not only add comfort and grip, they come in a variety of colors and make the wheelchair look amazing.

The rain is not only uncomfortable, as a wheelchair user, you run the risk of bringing dirt and mud inside of your house or inside of your friends house if you visit. How do you protect your home? Wheelchair Tire Covers. There are several types of wheelchair tire covers:

* Wheelchair Slippers: Cover the big rear tires

* Wheelchair Socks: Cover the small front caster wheels

* Mud Eaters: Like Slippers they cover the big rear tires, but they are made of neoprene a water resistant material. These are useful for wet and muddy tires.