8 Reviews of Wheelchair Rim Covers

Wheelchair Rim Cover Reviews

Many people have reviewed RehaDesign Pushrim Covers. We thought it would be interesting to gather them all together in one place so we can easily see all of the possibilities. 

Some customers made the wise decision to combine UltraGrrrip Rim Covers with Seksi Spokes.  One customer went for black rim covers and white Seksi Spokes which you can see in this video:


Another customer went for Yellow UltraGrrrip Rim Covers and Yellow Seksi Spokes.


This customer's wheels do not have spokes. So, he can't combine Seksi Spokes. But the purple UltraGrrrip Rim Covers look great on their own


This customer chose red pushrim covers. They look great!


I love this combination of black Rim Covers and white Seksi Spokes:

I also like this combination of blue Pushrim covers and blue Seksi Spokes


Rumeysa Gelgi, World's Tallest Woman reviews RehaDesign Pushrim Covers in purple


The talented Agasha Mutesasira reviewed black pushrim covers.

Choose your own style and combination of  RehaDesign UltraGrrrip Rim Covers and Seksi Spokes and make your review. We will love to see it!