Discover Agasha Mutesasira: Destined For Great Things

My Favorite Songs By Agasha Mutesasira

Beauty and talent: what more does it take to be a successful singer? Agasha Mutesasira has this and much more. I recently discovered this amazing young woman singing her heart out on YouTube. I was surprised by two things. First, her gifts are abundant as can be seen in the videos below. She has a beautiful voice and she is lovely as well. Second, her audience is small. For example, my favorite song, her cover of Bee Gees "How Deep Is Your Love" which she posted over a year ago, has 412 views! Only 412!  Probably 10-20 of those were from me.  

I love the Bee Gees. Barry, Robyn and Maurice were masters and their music touches me deeply. Rarely do I hear anyone do their music justice. But Agasha's cover of "How Deep Is Your Love" is exceptional. 

Recently, she posted a cover of "Find Someone Like You" by "Snoh Aalegra". I don't know this song. Frankly, I don't know much of the music Agasha sings on YouTube. She is young and her musical interests are of a different generation than mine. But again, her voice is just beautiful. Her range is wide and her feeling is deep. This song was posted about a month ago and currently it has just 73 views.


The one exception is a song written by Agasha herself. It is called "Glide". This song was professionally produced and perhaps this is the reason it has almost 1300 views. Not a lot, but much more than most of her music. This song is obviously autobiographical, as she speaks to her younger self and asks herself "Why were you always stressed out? Why were you trying to be someone you weren't?" She is grateful that she "learned to glide", perhaps a reference to her wheelchair as well as learning to just relax and enjoy the ride of life.