Wheelchair Maintenance Tutorials

 How To Do Wheelchair Maintenance 

If you own a manual wheelchair, repairs will be part of your life. You have two choices:

* You can either contact a repair shop, spend lots of money and be without your wheelchair for a while. 


* You can learn to do some maintenance and repairs yourself. 

Below are some excellent tutorials on the most important wheelchair maintenance and repair.

How to Replace Wheelchair Casters  

 How To Clean Wheelchair Casters  

 How to Replace Bearings and Fix a Flat Tire  

 How to Adjust Your Brakes (Both Scissor Brakes and Push-to-Lock Brakes)

Keeping your wheelchair clean is also important because the dirt can not only get into your bearings and other moving parts it can also be tracked into your house and make your house dirty and damage your floors. So, the wheelchair must be cleaned from time to time, with special attention to the wheels. The best way to keep your house clean on a regular basis is to use Wheelchair Tire Covers, such as RehaDesign Slippers and Socks.