Wheelchair Slippers Are For The Birds!

One of our customers for Wheelchair Slippers sent us a delightful note which we want to share. We asked her for permission and photos and she kindly obliged:

"Our 12 year old has recently started using a chair - hopefully only temporarily - and the easiest route in and out of the house is through the patio doors, but we are lucky enough to have moorhens (birds living near water) nesting in the garden and they tend to leave the patio in a bit of a state. We didn't want to be tracking moorhen poo through the house, so we were having to clean the wheels every time we came in, but then I said jokingly "it's a shame they don't make slippers for wheelchairs!" And then I thought it just might be worth a Google, and I'm very glad I did!"

We are very glad you did too! We really appreciate hearing from our customers and seeing how they use RehaDesign products.

RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers cover the rear tires of manual wheelchair and will protect your house and carpets from bird poo, dog poo, and even kangaroo poo if you live in Australia. These tire covers are washable and come in three colors (beige, blue, purple). Wheelchair Socks cover the small front casters of manual wheelchair. Read more about RehaDesign Wheelchair Tire Covers