8 Excellent Instructional Videos for New Wheelchair Users

Tutorials For First Time Wheelchair Users

Learn How to Push, Wheelie, Transfer, and Maintain Your Wheelchair

If you are a novice wheelchair user and have no idea how to manage your new life while sitting in a wheelchair, I have good news for you! Some very clever and helpful people have created some easy to watch tutorials explaining how to accomplish some of the more essential tasks that lay ahead of you. Many thanks to Gem from "Wheels No Heels" and Richard from "Wheels2Walking" for the videos you will find below

How To Push A Wheelchair

Pushing a wheelchair may seem obvious, but it is not. Richard shows the best technique including correct hand placement and the type of thrust. Very informative 


 How To Wheelie in a Wheelchair

Doing a wheelie is important in order to get over obstacles. But it is not so easy to do. Get it wrong and you can flip over.  Richard shows how to do three types of Wheelies.


 How To Maintain Your Wheelchair

Stuff will happen to your wheelchair. Bearings break, tires can get flat. If you have to get someone to fix it for you it can be expensive and it can take time. Richard shows how to fix your wheelchair quickly, easily and of course inexpensively.


 How To Transfer from a Wheelchair

You will need to transfer from one chair to another frequently. In Part 1 of Gem's Master Class on Transfers she shows how to make transfers to a sofa, another chair or the floor.. She has a nice accent too!


 How To Transfer in a Bathroom

In Part 2 of Gem's master class she shows how to transfer to a bed, the shower/bath and how to pick things up from the floor.


 How To Shower

This is like part 3 of Gem's master class about how to make transfers. But it goes into more detail about showering.   


 How To Open Doors from a Wheelchair

Doors can be difficult to open. Car doors, heavy doors and difficult doors. Gem shows how to open doors you push, doors you pull, doors with handles and all sorts of doors.


 How To Do Housework from a Wheelchair

Gem shows how she loads the dishwasher, makes her bed,  tidies up her living room and washes her laundry. 

I hope you have enjoyed these excellent video tutorials about life in a wheelchair. If you know of anything that would be useful to include, please let us know in the comments.