Kids Wheelchair Gloves: How to Choose the Best for your Kid?

Choosing the Best Kids Wheelchair Gloves

Kids tiny hands are easily injured and need to be protected. So, RehaDesign has made a special glove just for kids. What makes the children's wheelchair gloves so special?

RehaDesign Pediatric Wheelchair Gloves:

* Are made from real leather.  They are made tough to protect those small hands.

* Have internal lining so that your kids hands are well protected. The gloves are leather but your kids hands never touch the leather. 

* Are made to grow as your child's hands. The hands below are from a 3 year old boy. These gloves fit him until he was 8-9 years old.

* Are washable. If they get dirty, wash with cool water and mild detergent and air dry.

For older kids with larger hands, get RehaDesign Strap N Roll wheelchair gloves XSmall or Small.


  1. I guanti sono ottimi, temevo fossero ingombranti, ma sono comodi e proteggono anche dal freddo delle ruote, qui è sottozero, li consiglio


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