Groovy Pushrim Covers: Designed for Quadriplegics

 Groovy Pushrim Covers: 

Pushrim Covers Designed for Tetraplegics / Quadriplegics 

Better Grip and Better Performance

People with quadriplegia (ot tetraplegia) have decreased hand function and therefore need better grip when pushing their wheelchair. Groovy pushrim covers were designed to give improved grip. 

Imagine having a bicycle tire tread on your pushrims. This is what it is like to own RehaDesign Groovy pushrim covers. The covers are made of a special type of PVC which feels like Rubber, but contain no rubber or silicone. 

Also like tires, they have "grooves" or "treads". The grooves increase the surface area 
covers and improve the grip.  This can be seen in the video below.

It is best to wear wheelchair gloves when using Groovy Pushrim Covers, because when stopping quickly, there will be increased friction which can cause the hands to heat up. Read more about RehaDesign Strap N Roll Wheelchair Gloves and Gator Wheelchair Gloves: Wheelchair Gloves designed for Quadriplegics.