UK Customer Reviews RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves and Pushrim Covers

I Wheely Love Them: 

A British Author's Review of RehaDesign Wheelchair pushrim covers and RehaDesign Gloves

Hi, I’m Joey and I’ve been a full time wheelchair user for more than two decades now. In all that time, it’s really only been the past year or so that I’ve been well enough to be more active with my chair, pushing myself, getting to the point where I’m the one in control of it all. Part of that was making sure that I had the right equipment to aid me in wheeling.

In 2018 or so I got my first proper NHS wheelchair (I’m in the UK, and had up till then been financing my wheelchairs) and when I did, I knew that while it wasn’t mine to permanently alter, I could put my own stamp on it. Enter pushrim covers. The ones I bought then did me well up until starting to get really active at the start of 2023. They kept slipping off and I’m guessing it was an age thing. So I went looking for replacements. I’d started off on Amazon, so that was the first place I looked and I wish I’d done more research, because when my new ones arrived, they basically sucked for active use.

When it got to the point where I was having to cable tie them in several places (and cutting up hands and gloves wheeling) I did more research and finally came across RehaDesign Pushrim Covers through a review on a disability blog. I had several things I wanted from these pushrims. From the ease of installation, to the smoothness of use, to the price not being out of my reach, the ability to choose a colour, and the ability to rely on them when actively wheeling.

I have to say that I had high hopes for RehaDesign, and they met every single one of my wants. The price wasn’t too high, they were easy enough to install, and while I was a bit hesitant wheeling to begin with, soon enough I knew that I could go as fast as I liked during my wheelchair walks, and I didn’t have to necessarily worry about having B, my carer and best friend, nearby in case they popped off, because they just didn’t.

I’ve always been a fan of purple. I have my hair dyed purple. I have a wheelchair bag that’s purple. My spoke covers are a mix of blue and purple. I wear a lot of purple clothes because it’s just a nice colour to me, and I adore how much the colour on these pushrims pops, and changes shades in different lights.

I chose right with the pushrims, so my next purchase was going to be gloves. I’d been going through gloves mostly because they’re not made to last and they’re not made for active wheelchair use. The ones I’d see online elsewhere would be fingerless except for the thumb which would be covered, and I’m just not fond of that idea. I did try, in the winter, getting some gloves that weren’t fingerless and they did not feel comfortable. It felt like it was harder to push with those on, so I went back to RehaDesign and I searched through their wheelchair gloves.

I made the choice of the Strap N Roll ones because it felt like they would last through all the wheelchair walking I do, and the day to day use as well. I knew that they’d take a while to come through, and I was itching to really try them on, see how they fared and go from there.

When it came to the gloves (no purple option sadly) I had a new set of wants. I wanted them to be comfortable. I wanted them to be easy to wheel in. I wanted them to a good fit (and measured my hands before I bought them to be sure I got the right size) and I wanted them to be useable in all weathers, and washable.

I do the majority of my wheelchair walking (outside of the day to day stuff) at a local park, and I generally go out in all weathers. I didn’t want there to be any issues with them getting wet, dirty, or just needing to be cleaned, and then running into problems with them. I was happy to pay the price because RehaDesign had already shown me that they listen to wheelchair users when it comes to their designs, and I wanted something that would actually last.

The first thing I realised when they arrived was the fit and design were perfect for active wheelchair use. I’m not really out and about much in my chair other than hospital visits and going out on my wheelchair walks, but when I’d doing more wheeling than usual, I want my hands to be protected, and I want the fit to be comfortable, and these were from day one, so that was a huge bonus.

I broke them in over a few wheelchair walks to make sure that I really knew how they’d feel and whether they’d last. Like I said, I go out in all weathers and the last thing I wanted to do was find that once they got dirty or wet, they weren’t all that easy to take care of. They were a bit stiff to start with, but once I’d done a few laps, they were basically golden.

I would recommend measuring your hands using the chart on the site, because the last thing you wanna do is get some too big, they won’t feel comfortable at all wheeling, or too small, and therefore too tight which’ll have a different set of issues.

Overall, I adore the gloves and the pushrim covers, and am already saving up for my next purchase which will be the umbrella for when it rains! Highly recommend RehaDesign and love all the things they have on there. They really have paid attention to what wheelchair users want, and delivered on their promises!

About the Author

Joey is an award-winning indie author writing young adult books across a variety of genres. She’s also disabled with a variety of chronic conditions. She’s 41, lives with her best friend, and four cats. When she’s not writing, reading, or relaxing, she’s out in the world wheelchair walking as much as possible.

Her newest book features a lot of disability. It’s up for pre-order now