How To Get The Perfect Fit From RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves

4 Simple Steps To A Perfect Fitting Wheelchair Glove

RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves are designed for wheelchair users who want improved grip, comfort and performance. They are quality leather wheelchair gloves with a special grip-pad sewn into the palm for improved grip on the pushrims.

RehaDesign makes 5 different styles to meet different needs:

* Ultra-Grrrip Half-Finger Wheelchair Gloves are the best selling gloves. They are designed for people with normal hand function such as paraplegics who want to have full use of their fingers when wearing gloves. They are shown in the photo above.

* 4 Seasons Wheelchair Gloves are designed just like Half-Finger gloves except the leather covers the entire hand and there is more grip fabric surface area. They are intended for winter use, but can be used year round.

* Gel-Palm Gloves have a gel-pad in the palm and are designed for comfort and everyday use, not very active use such as sport. They have a reflective piping for nighttime safety and a terry cloth back to wipe the forehead. They also have built in finger-loops to make removal more convenient.

Watch the video to see these gloves 

* Gator Gloves and Strap-N-Roll were developed for people with limited hand function such as quadriplegics (tetraplegics) or people who have had strokes. They are easy to put on and off and many people find that they can do it with no assistance. Strap-N-Roll are shown below. Gator are similar but they close with a "Velcro-Type" Closure so they open wide.

Watch the video below to see these gloves:


But how do you get the best fit? Follow the four steps below:

First, measure the palm of the hand as shown in the photo below.

Second, use the sizing chart to find your size. If you are on the boarder between two sizes, it is probably best to choose the larger size.

Third, when your gloves arrive try them on. How do they feel? If the gloves fit snugly, but comfortable, then they are the perfect fit.

Forth, use the gloves for several weeks and notice that they “Stretch-to-Fit”. The quality leather glove is like a pair of quality shoes. At first they may feel a little tight. But in time, they stretch and adapt to your hand. You can expedite this process by applying leather conditioner. But it usually is not necessary. With use your RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves will soften and “Fit Like a Glove”. They will become like a second-skin which will protect your own skin and offer improved comfort and performance.

Of course, not everyone wants to have tightly fitting wheelchair gloves and some will want to have them loose fitting from the very beginning. If that is you, you may want to select a larger size. There is nothing wrong with that. But for the best fit start with a snug fit and with time, your RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves will soften and adapt to your hand.