Navigating Winter: Tips for Using a Wheelchair in the Snow

Winter can be a beautiful and serene season, but for wheelchair users, it often comes with unique challenges. Navigating through snow and icy conditions can be exhausting, but with the right tools and techniques, you can enjoy the snowy wonders of the season.

The Freewheel Advantage


The Freewheel attachment is a game-changer for wheelchair users facing snow-covered terrain. This innovative device attaches to the front of your wheelchair and acts as an extra wheel. Here's how it can help you conquer snowy conditions:

Enhanced Maneuverability: The Freewheel lifts the front casters of your wheelchair off the ground, making it easier to roll through deep snow without getting stuck.

Stability: By reducing the risk of getting stuck or tipping over, the Freewheel provides increased stability, especially when tackling uneven snow-covered surfaces.

Reduced Effort: With the Freewheel doing the heavy lifting, you'll find that pushing through snow is much less physically demanding, allowing you to conserve your energy.

Wheelchair Gloves 

Wheelchair gloves are an essential accessory for anyone navigating snowy conditions. Redesign's 4 Seasons wheelchair gloves are designed with winter in mind, offering several advantages:

Insulation: These full-finger quality leather gloves are designed to help keep your entire hand as warm as possible.

Grip: The gloves feature a textured palm and finger design that provides a secure grip on your wheelchair's rims.

Waterproof: These leather gloves help to repel water, keeping your hands dry and comfortable in wet conditions. For maximal waterproofing, apply a leather conditioner/waterproof treatment.

Rehadesign Pushrim Covers

Wheelchair rim covers, such as Rehadesign pushrim covers, offer an effective way to improve your wheelchair's performance in snowy weather:

Enhanced Traction: Pushrim covers are designed to provide better grip on the rims of your wheelchair, making it easier to propel yourself through snow and ice.

Protection: These covers can help shield your wheelchair's rims from the corrosive effects of salt and slush commonly found on snowy roads and sidewalks.

Easy Installation: Rehadesign pushrim covers are user-friendly and can be easily installed without any special tools.

Customization: These covers come in various colors, allowing you to add a personal touch to your wheelchair while improving functionality.

Keep your house clean after venturing into the snow

Keeping your house clean during the winter months, especially when you've been out in snowy or wet conditions with your wheelchair, is crucial for maintaining a comfortable living environment. Rehadesign offers wheelchair tire covers like "Slippers and Socks" or "Mud Eaters" that can be a game-changer in this regard. These innovative covers are designed to slip over your wheelchair's tires and provide a protective barrier between your wheels and your home's interior.

"Slippers and Socks" are excellent for keeping your house clean from snow and water. They act as a shield, preventing the snow and slush from your wheelchair tires from being tracked inside. You can easily slip them on and off as needed, ensuring that your floors stay dry and clean.

On the other hand, "Mud Eaters" are designed for even more challenging conditions. They offer superior protection against mud, dirt, and debris. Whether you've been navigating muddy trails or slushy sidewalks, these covers will keep the mess outside where it belongs.

Both options are convenient and easy to use, and they can help you maintain a cleaner and more comfortable indoor environment during the winter season. So, when you return home after your winter adventures, simply slip off your Rehadesign tire covers, and you'll have a cleaner house and more time to enjoy the winter wonderland outside.

Winter shouldn't keep wheelchair users from enjoying the outdoors or going about their daily activities. With tools like the Freewheel, Rehadesign 4 Seasons wheelchair gloves, and Rehadesign pushrim covers, you can confidently navigate snowy conditions with ease, comfort, and style. These solutions empower wheelchair users to embrace the winter season and explore the snowy wonderland while maintaining safety and independence.

Rehadesign tire covers will make sure that the cleanup afterwards is easy as possible.So, gear up, get outside, and make the most of the winter wonderland!