Enhancing Mobility and Independence: The Appeal of RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories for Disability Dealers

One of the key selling points of RehaDesign wheelchair accessories is the wide range of customization options available. Disability dealers can offer their customers a selection of accessories that can be tailored to meet individual needs and preferences. From pushrim covers to unique and practical tire covers, RehaDesign provides a variety of options for personalization, allowing users to express their unique style while maintaining optimal functionality. While RehaDesign offers a extensive portfolio of wheelchair accessories which can be seen by looking at the RehaDesign Website, in this article we will review three: RehaDesign Pushrim Covers, RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves and RehaDesign Tire Covers

RehaDesign Ultra-Grrrip Pushrim Covers:  

RehaDesign's Pushrim Covers offer the user many advantages:

* Improved grip and performance. The covers are made from a material that looks and feels like rubber, but it not rubber. The surface is grippier than raw aluminum making it easier to push the wheelchair.

* Comfort and protection: repeatedly striking the hands against aluminum can be painful. RehaDesign Pushrim Covers are softer and more comfortable to the hands. In winter, metal pushrim covers can be very cold, in summer, they can be very hot. RehaDesign Pushrim Covers do not conduct heat or cold so easily. 

* Less damage to doors and walls: Wheelchairs can collide with surfaces in the house damaging the door jambs and walls. RehaDesign Pushrim Covers minimize the damage to the house.

* Beauty and Personalization: Wheelchairs quickly get old and scratched. RehaDesign Pushrim Covers come in 7 beautiful colors and make the wheelchair into a thing of beauty as can be seen in the video.

 RehaDesign Wheelchair Tire Covers

A unique product which no other company has: Covers for the Tires. You may be thinking “No one ever asks me for those”, that is because the product category, while available for over 20 years, is still new. Many users and therapists alike don't even know that they exist! The purpose of Wheelchair Tire Covers is to protect the floor and the carpets and to keep them clean. What is the alternative? Scrubbing the floor and washing the tires. Who wants to do that? RehaDesign Tire Covers go on in seconds and keep the floors and carpets clean. Most users don't know they exist, but when they find out, they love them! There are 3 types of tire covers:

Wheelchair Slippers: They cover the big rear wheel of wheelchairs. When able bodied people come up, they usually wear “Slippers” to keep their house clean. Wheelchair users can use “Wheelchair Slippers” to keep their house clean.

Wheelchair Socks: Cover the small front casters of wheelchairs

Mud Eaters: Made from thick neoprene, Mud Eaters are waterproof and are intended for very wet and muddy tires. They are also useful for swimming pools and saunas.

RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves

RehaDesign offers a portfolio of gloves for wheelchair users with both normal hand function, such as paraplegics and limited hand function, such as quadriplegics. There are 5 different types of gloves including full-finger, half-finger, Gel-Palm and even gloves for kids. All RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves are made from quality leather with a specialized grip fabric built into the palm. Two of the gloves can be seen in the videos below:



Durability and Longevity:

Quality and durability are crucial considerations for wheelchair users, who rely on their mobility aids daily. RehaDesign wheelchair accessories are constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and robust performance. Disability dealers can position these accessories as reliable and durable solutions, giving users peace of mind in their investment.

Trade Prices:

RehaDesign understands that it's partners require a healthy margin to run their business, so they offer an attractive discount for larger orders. 

Wide Market Appeal:

RehaDesign wheelchair accessories cater to a broad audience of manual wheelchair users. Disability dealers can tap into a diverse market by offering a range of RehaDesign accessories, ensuring that they have products suitable for a wide spectrum of customers. 

Well Established Brand:

RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories is an established, stable and growing brand. Established in 2005, RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories are represented in many countries around the world including the USA, Australia, New Zealand and most European markets. However, there are a some markets where dealers have the opportunity to be the first to offer RehaDesign Wheelchair accessories.

Disability dealers have a compelling opportunity to enhance their product offerings by incorporating RehaDesign wheelchair accessories into their inventory. The innovative design, customization options, trade discount, the opportunity to represent a well established and growing brand make these accessories a valuable addition to any dealer's lineup. By providing users with high-quality, tailored solutions, disability dealers can contribute to the improved mobility, independence, and overall well-being of individuals with disabilities.