Scooter and Wheelchair Batteries : Becareful Which Type You Buy

When you replace your mobility scooter battery or power wheelchair battery, becareful which type you buy. All mobility scooter batteries are NOT created equal.

For example, some people will go for cheap and try to replace their mobility scooter battery or wheelchair battery with a battery meant for a car or a motorcycle. This simply does not work, as the batteries for cars and motorcyles are designed for short, strong bursts of power to start the ignition, rather than long-term operation of a scooter or a wheelchair. You might intend to save a few dollars, but in the long term, it will cost you in performance and the additional expense of buying a new mobility scooter battery.

Also, if you plan to travel by plane, by all means get a sealed mobility scooter battery, such as a sealed Gel mobility scooter battery. Airline personel understand that sealed gel mobility scooter batteries are safe and will require less dismanteling for flight. For example, see Delta Airlines battery policy. "Dry-cell and gel-cell batteries are considered non-spillable and have fewer requirements for handling". It specifically mentions "Gel-Cell batteries. Other types of mobility scooter batteries such as AGM batteries may be similarly safe, but all airline personel may not know that and may want to completely disconnect everything. The more the disconnection they do, the more of a hassel to get everything reconnected before you can use your wheelchair or scooter again.

For the moment, avoid Lithium Ion Batteries in your wheelchair or mobility scooter. Why? Airlines are not required to carry them.

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